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At Pushti Automation our goal is to add value to our customers. We dedicate ourselves to learn and understand needs of our customer and work together to provide technology solutions and services that enable them to better represent, compete and succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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Who We Are ?

Pushti Automation Systems and Solutions is a fast growing automation company based in India (Rajkot, Gujarat). Evolved from a small team of engineering minds. Today we are well balanced pool of engineers with diverse skills to handle complex requirements of automation needs.

Our definition of automation encompasses solutions and services related to PLC/HMI/SCADA based systems, IR4.0 Solutions, Embedded & IoT based solutions, Energy management, Healthcare solutions, Solar and Renewable Energy and Special Purpose Machines.

Vision & Mission

“Our vision is to position ourselves as the most preferred partners for all Automation needs.”

“Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers by using our experience and technology.”

Core Values

Continuous Research and Innovation

To meet the pace of fast growing technology we commit ourselves to continuous learning and research which enables us to bring innovation in everything that we do; from products to services.

Team Power & Integrity

We are one company, one team. We are leveraging the knowledge pool of best talent from diverse field to put ideas into motion. Further we strive for fairness in all our dealing with our customer, partner and colleagues.

Customer Focus

We are customer centric and provide technology solutions to our customers that not only are best in technology but also cost effective.

Quality Conscious

We are quality conscious company and well understand our responsibilities towards our customers, community and world as a whole. Sustainable and socially responsible business practices are essential part of our core values.

Powered with Technology & Team

Rich experience, best technology and skill sets enable us to offer best solutions that are conscious of both quality and customer’s budget.

Customized to requirements

For us each customer is unique. We understand customer’s requirements and fulfill their expectations by following flexible and adaptive approach.

Committed to Add Value

We perceive our growth in growth of our valued customer.


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Testing Machines

Healthcare Solutions

Special Purpose Machines(SPM)

Our Projects

1. IoT Enabled Process Indicator for Power Loom Machine

Main Features :

  • IoT Enabled
  • Monitor anytime anywhere
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Compatible to existing Control Panel
  • Panel Meter Features :

  • Dual Display-Production and RPM
  • Supports local & remote user inputs
  • Resolution: 0.1/0.01 Meters
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • High data rate
  • Industrial grade enclosure
  • Data Logging & Reports :

  • Machine Status with ON-OFF Time
  • RPM
  • Thread Count
  • Production(Current & Per Day)
  • Machine Efficiency


    2. Process Indicator (Regular/IoT Enabled)

    Input Type :

  • Thermocouple: J/K/T/R/S
  • RTD: PT100 2 wire/ 3 wire
  • Proximity: Inductive, NPN/PNP
  • Signal Input: 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V
    0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
  • 1-Ø AC
  • Load Cell
  • Characteristics :

    Resolution :
  • TC/RTD: 1/0.1
  • Analog Input:1/0.1/0.01/0.001

  • Control Output :
  • 5A Relay 230V AC

  • Control Mode :
  • ON-OFF
  • Features :

  • Dual Display
  • Supports local & remote user inputs
  • Regular/IoT Variants
  • Set Point through Server/Mobile App
  • Wireless Communication(Wi-Fi)
  • Data Monitoring from Server/Mobile App


    3. IR4.0 Compliant Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

    Paper reel to sheet cutting machine are very common in packaging and box making industries. The machine can be used to accurately cut sheets of desired length directly from the paper reel or can be attached to a corrugating machine to accurately cut multi-ply sheets in synchronization. In conventional machines (non-automated) a size chart is maintained which prescribes set of gears to be mounted as per the desired length of paper sheet. For every change in the cut length, gears have to be changed. Further, such machines do not have provision to compensate for any slip during run time. Automation solution for such machines removes the need of gears and overcomes related disadvantages. Highly precise PLC, HMI and Servo based design provides accurate cutting of desired length without any hassle of changing mechanical parts. The machine becomes simple to operate and helps to increase production. The solution comes with an option of adding industrial gateway and providing cloud based UI and UX, thereby making it IR4.0 compliant. This facility helps to remotely monitor machine metrics and production in real time giving great analytics for business process.


    4. Strip Pacakaging Machine for Pharmaceutical Industries

    Earlier version of strip packaging machine was mechanically controlled using cams and other mechanical fixtures. This design had a limitation that for each product to be packed mechanical fixtures were different and were required to be changed. In this project a complete automation solution was provided for strip packaging machine there by replacing mechanical control assembly with a PLC-HMI and Pneumatics based system with facility of recipe definition, calibration, speed of production control, counting of total production etc.


    5. Seismic Table

    The seismic table, also known as shake table, is used in the earthquake engineering lab to test the response of structures and soil or rock slopes to verify their seismic performance. The size of seismic table is 5X3 feet, which can carry the weight up to 250 KGs, Can run up to the speed or frequency of 6 cycles/second with maximum displacement up to 100mm on both sides. Fully Servo controlled hence highly accurate. Three modes of Operation: i) Manual ii) Data table iii) Recipient.


    6. No-Fill Detection(NFD) system for Strip Packaging Machine

    This is the system for detecting unfilled pocket of tablet in a strip and the system automatically rejects strips in which the tablet pocket is empty through pneumatic plungers. It offers 10 channel for detection using Sharp IR sensors so most accurate detection. Fully automatic pneumatic plungers for rejection of empty pocket strips, so accurate and fast rejection.


    7. Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Mechanism

    Machine comes in two versions - Wet cleaning & Dry cleaning. Wet cleaning machine includes water sprinkler, roller with cloth mop and silicon rubber wipers. Dry cleaning machine includes micro-fiber roller brush. PLC/Controller based operation with manual and automatic operating modes. User defined cleaning cycles and cleaning time. Weather proof and sturdy mechanical structure. Less weight and easy to manhandle. Entitle to PV panel surface with almost zero possibility of damage. Proper cleaning against all kinds of soiling sources and covering 100% surface area. This is a totally costumized machine for the solar power plant site which can be altered for any site as per the requirements.


    8. Curing Tank for Concrete Testing Laboratory

    Curing tank is generally a part of concrete testing laboratory which is used for curing concrete cubes before testing. Concrete cubes are to be cured for specified duration at controlled temperature of 27±2°C. Tank size can be up to 2000 liters which can have Heating system comprising of up to 6kW heating element. The Cooling system can be having Cooling tower or Refrigeration system of up to 2 Ton compressor. The system comprising of Automatic temperature controller with dual display showing current and set values of temperature with temperature sensor PT100. The system is having pump based stiring facility. Optional facility of logging temperature data on computer at regular intervals can be incorporated in the system. User friendly operation console.


    9. Digitization of Universal Testing Machine (UTM) in Material Testing Laboratory

    Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is generally a part of Material Testing Laboratory and is useful in measuring the compressive & tensile strength of material, modulus of elasticity and elongation of materials. Important parameters to be measured in UTM while testing are load applied and corresponding displacement. Conventional UTM are available with manual read outs of load and displacement. As a solution to these problems we provide digitization of the UTM, which involves measuring load and displacement electronically. Continuously logging of the data on computer over Ethernet using a user friendly dedicated software. Accuracy of 0.1 kN in measurements of load and 0.01 mm in measurements of displacement. Graphs of stress v/s displacement, stress v/s strain, load v/s displacement etc can be plotted.


    10. Digitization of Loading frame

    The loading frame is a device used to test concrete beams, slabs & large concrete elements. It is using hydraulic jack for applying of load. The system provides solution in terms of PC based data logging of applied force with respect to time and present results in terms of reports and graphs. The loading frame is made up of steel gadars having span of 4.5 meters. The size of the payload allowed is 2 meters. The loading capacity of 500 KN to 2000 kN can be achieved.


    11. Digitization of Compression Testing Machine (CTM) in Material Testing Laboratory

    Compression Testing Machine (CTM) is generally a part of Material Testing Laboratory and is useful in measuring compressive strength of concrete cubes, cylinders and blocks as well as other materials. Conventional electric operated CTM are available with manual read outs of load generally on multiple dials each for different range of measurements. As a solution to these problems we provide digitization of the CTM with basic setup remaining the same with very minor modifications as per the need. Facility of continuously logging the data on computer over Ethernet using a user friendly dedicated software. Resolution of 1 kN over the entire range is achieved. Capacity of 2000kN load.


    12. Development of Automation Lab

    Center for Advance Training in Industrial Automation is equipped with latest components of the automation industry. There is a main trainer station and five satellite trainer stations with application modules. The main trainer station is having all components mounted all together on the single platform as can be seen in the picture. The main trainer station is featured with PLC with extention cards, HMI/SCADA, VFD, Servo motor with drive, Stepper motor with drive, Stand alone temperature controllers, Analog sources and I/Os.
    There are other five trainer modules for the practice of the students which are equipped with the similar components and extention modules.


    13. Temperature & Humidity Controller for Cement Lab

    The aim of the system is to control Temperature and Humidity for the Cement lab. The system is comprising of Humidifier, Room Heater, AC and Controller. The controller continuously measures the temperature and relative humidity of the room and controls it at set points by switching ON/OFF humidifier, AC and room heater.
    The standard deviation was ±20 C of temperature and 5% of RH.


    14. Digitization of Penetrometer

    Penetrometer an instrument for determining the consistency or hardness of a substance by measuring the depth or rate of penetration of a rod or needle driven into it by a known force. We provide digitization of penetrometer using timer and a solenoid. Digital timer allows to operate solenoid at precious set time thus avoiding any ambiguity. Optional facility of measuring displacement digitally is also provided.


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